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Frequently Asked Questions

This is first time doing boudoir, is it normal to be terrified?!

Absolutely! It isn't every day you get photos taken in your underwear, but I promise once we get going, those nerves will fade away and you'll be feeling on top of the world.

Will you edit out

All images will be gently edited to remove any wild hairs or a pimple or two. I won't alter your body, remove stretch marks/scars, or wrinkles. Our perceived imperfections make us beautiful and real.

Do I have to share my booty pics?

Privacy is of the utmost importance to me and you can trust your images won't be shared without your written consent. Whether you share photos or keep them private, we will discuss it on the day of your session!

Can I bring my significant other, bff, dog, etc? 

As much as we love our crew, I ask that you leave your loved ones at home. This experience is all about YOU and providing a space where you can be vulnerable/open. I've found ladies feel most comfortable without a buddy. I'll give you all the hype and encouragement you'll need.

Thanks for your submission!

We've received your inquiry, and will respond within 48 hours. In the mean time, join our Women's only Facebook Group full of encouragement and inspiration!

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